Missus Lowsborough – Cole Porter

missus lowsborough

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missus lowsborough


Originale lyrics

Missus Lowsborough-Goodby gives weekends
And her weekends are not a success,
But she asks you so often,
You finally soften
And end by answering “Yes”.
When I left Missus Lowsborough-Goodby’s,
The letter I wrote was polite;
But it would have been bliss
Had I dared write her this,
The letter I wanted to write:
Thank you so much,
Missus Lowsborough-Goodby,
Thank you so much,
Thank you so much
For that infinite weekend with you.
Thank you a lot,
Missus Lowsborough-Goodby,
Thank you a lot,
And don’t be surprised
If you suddenly should be
Quietly shot.
For the clinging perfume
And that damp little room,
For those cocktails so hot
And the bath that was not,
For those guests so amusing
And mentally bracing,
Who talked about racing
And racing and racing;
For the ptomaine I got
From your famous tinned salmon,
For the fortune I lost
When you taught me backgammon,
For those mornings I spent
With your dear but deaf mother,
For those evenings I passed
With that bounder, your brother,
And for making me swear
To myself there and then
Never to go
For a weekend again.
Thank you so much,
Missus Lowsborough-Goodby,
Thank you,
Thank you so much!
Thank you so much!

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